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Andrew Whytock


Andrew Whytock

December 23rd, 2021
Updated December 23rd, 2021


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🔑 Key takeaways
  • HomeVestors of America is more commonly known by their trademark, "We Buy Ugly Houses."
  • HomeVestors pays significantly less than fair market value for homes, but they can close in as little as three weeks and help distressed sellers avoid repair costs.
  • Each HomeVestors location is independently owned and operated by a franchisee who is a real estate investor.
  • While HomeVestors can provide an easy, all-cash sale, home sellers who want maximum value should consider listing on the open market.

HomeVestors is a national cash buyer with franchises in 46 states.

Each franchise is independently owned and operated by a local real estate investor who pays franchise fees to HomeVestors. These franchise fees also give investors the right to advertise using HomeVestors' "We Buy Ugly Houses" trademark.

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HomeVestors franchisees purchase residential properties "as is" from sellers in difficult situations, such as:

  • Relocating on a tight timeline
  • Facing foreclosure/other debt problems
  • Needing to sell an inherited home
  • No time or money to fix a house that is in need of extensive repairs

Like other companies that buy houses for cash, HomeVestors looks to make a profit by fixing up and reselling houses. This means that they're looking for a steep discount when they buy properties — sometimes as little as 55% of the home's after repair value, minus any anticipated repair costs.

Homeowners who want to get the most possible value for their home should try listing on the open market with the help of an agent instead. By advertising your house for sale, even if it's in poor condition, you can attract competitive offers and sell for a price that reflects the home's fair market value.

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Homevestors, At a glance
As little as 3 weeks
24-48 hours
800+ franchises in 45 states and Washington, D.C.
4.1 out of 5 across 1,490 reviews.
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Pros and cons of selling to HomeVestors

✅ Pros
  • Home sellers don't have to pay for repairs or prep their home for listing photos.
  • HomeVestors can close in just three weeks — or longer if you need extra time.
  • There are franchises in multiple cities/counties across 46 states, so the service is widely available.
❌ Cons
  • HomeVestor will pay significantly less for your house than what you'd get on the open market.
  • Each franchise is independently owned and operated, so the quality of service could vary by region.

How much does HomeVestors pay?

HomeVestors pays less than fair market value, but investors are allowed some flexibility to determine how much they'll pay for a home since each franchise is independently owned and operated.

Like other cash buyers, many HomeVestors franchisees operate using the 70% rule.

This means that they'll pay no more than 70% of your home's after repair value (AVR), minus repair costs. The biggest problem with this formula is that HomeVestors estimates the repair costs for you, so they might inflate their costs in order to make the offer seem more favorable.

(AVR x 0.7) - Repair Costs = Purchase price

For example, if they think that your home could be worth $200,00 after it's fixed up, and they estimate that it needs $20,000 of repairs, they won't pay more than $120,000.

Here's how the math pencils out:

($200,000 x 0.7) - $20,000 = $120,000

In fact, some sources indicate that HomeVestors pays as little as 55% of the after repair value, minus repair costs.

HomeVestors locations

HomeVestors has over 800 franchises in 46 states, so they are widely available to home sellers.

HomeVestors reviews and complaints

Customers give Homevestors 4.1 out of 5 across 1,490 reviews.

Customers who gave positive reviews of HomeVestors appreciated things like:

  • The speed of the transaction
  • The professionalism of the service they received
  • Being able to sell with no hassle

On the other hand, negative reviews of HomeVestors focused on things like:

  • Offers being way too low
  • Feeling pressured to sell
  • Constant unwanted mailers and text messages

What customers liked

This customer in Florida sold their home quickly enough to close on a new condo:

Ronald review

This home seller in Texas said the HomeVestors franchise they worked with was quick and professional:

Kurt review

What customers didn't like

A reviewer in Georgia said that her mother quickly accepted an offer from HomeVestors, only to find out later that they listed it a week later and sold from almost $90,000 more:

Sherry review

This home seller in Georgia was offended by HomeVestors low offer and felt that the company didn't reflect recent updates that had been made to the home:

Michael review]

FAQS about HomeVestors

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